Holliday Tyson

Holliday Tyson is the founding Academic Director of the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program (IMPP) and has run this successful bridging program at Ryerson University continuously since 2002.  She co-wrote Ontario legislation to enable public funding and integration of midwifery, headed the Ontario government’s interdisciplinary committee to develop the curriculum of the four-year Baccalaureate Ontario Midwifery Education Program and developed the Ontario government’s first bridging program for pre-legislation practicing midwives. Her educational background is in midwifery, nursing, sciences and tropical and community medicine.  She has practised midwifery and nursing in 7 countries over 33 years, and worked as a consultant for the WHO in Russia on humanization of hospitals and reduction of maternal mortality. She was the founding Director of the Laurentian University Midwifery Education Program. Her work in the IMPP has won awards for innovation and excellence in prior learning assessment and distance and adult professional education.  The primary focus in her Doctorate in Education work is on testing to learn, enhancing the culture and practices of testing to reflect current knowledge of how people best learn. She is a recognized leader in innovations in remedial learning for health professionals and helping health professionals working in additional acquired language enhance professional communication for health care workplaces.